Renovating horsebox interiors

Ensure the safety and comfort of your prized horse during long journeys with my comfortable horsebox interiors. Contact me at PLB Horseboxes in Cornwall for internal repairs or renovation for horseboxes.

A wide range of professional services

When it comes to the repair and refurbishment of horsebox interiors, it is important to get the services performed by a professional who has the expertise and experience to ensure the safety of your horse. We take great pride in the high-quality repair work we provide to all makes and models of horseboxes. From safety checks to floor replacements, we can do it all. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Horsebox valeting

We can help relieve you of the hard work involved in cleaning your horsebox with my valeting service. We can clean, paint and repair it to meet your requirements.

You can rely on PLB for:

  • Safety checks
  • Floor replacements
  • Interior paintwork and reupholster
  • Ramp repairs
  • Valeting services
  • Lighting repairs
  • For affordable horsebox servicing, call us on
    01209 215653